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Conditions of use for the online service at

In registering to use, you accept the following conditions of use for the online services at (hereafter referred to as ‘conditions of use’).

‘’ refers to the online service of the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society), a Church-based foundation under public law, Balinger Strasse 31 A, 70567 Stuttgart, available at the web site

The user’s contract for the use of the services at is with the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft.

The user can refer to these conditions of use at any time, including after having entered into a contract, at the ‘conditions of use’ link at They can be downloaded, saved and printed.

1.    Object

1.1 offers registered users a web portal for reading the Bible and for creating user-specific settings, along with the possibility of making donations. Registered users can also order goods through the online shop, for which specific terms and conditions, cancellation policies and customer information are available.

1.2 only makes user-supplied data and/or information available to other users as long as this data and/or information do not contravene legal requirements or these conditions of use. is entitled to remove illegal content without prior notification.

1.3    The user accepts that it is not technically possible for to offer uninterrupted access. However, will make every effort to ensure that the pages of which it is comprised are available as consistently as possible. In particular, maintenance, security or capacity issues, as well as events that are not within the control of (such as disruption to public communications networks, power cuts etc) can lead to temporary interruptions or loss of service at

2.    Registration, undertakings at registration

2.1    The data supplied by the user at registration are visible only to and not to other users.

At registration, the user must fill in the mandatory fields.

2.2    The user is responsible for ensuring that all the data supplied at registration are correct and complete. The user must inform of any changes to these data without delay.

2.3    The user will set a password at registration. The user is required to keep this password secret. will not pass this password to third parties and will at no time (except at log-in at ask the user for their password.

2.4    By completing the registration process, the user is making an invitation to enter into a contract regarding the use of the services at’s acceptance of this invitation is signified by activating the user’s account for the services at It is through this acceptance that the contract between the user and comes into effect.

2.5    Each user may only register once and only create one user profile.

2.6    It is not permitted to register under temporary throwaway email address.

2.7    It is not possible technically for to be sure that a user registered at is actually the person they claim to be. therefore accepts no responsibility for the actual identity of a user.

3.    The user’s responsibilities

3.1    The user is obliged to show only correct and clear information in their profile. However, the user may use any user name, as long as this does not infringe any privacy, copyright or related legislation.

3.2    The user must not undertake any activity designed to restrict the functionality of the infrastructure of the web pages, in particular to overload them.

4.    Changes to the services at reserves the right to make changes to the services offered on the web site or to offer alternative services.

5.    Ending the contract

5.1    The user is entitled to cancel their free membership at any time without giving a reason. is also entitled to cancel free membership at any time without giving a reason. The cancellation must be made in writing or directly via the system.

5.2    The following events in particular can lead to cancelling membership or removing content and blocking an account:

A user’s failure to comply with legal requirements; a user’s contravention of their contractual obligations, especially those under clauses 2 and 3 of these conditions of use.

6.    Responsibility for content, user data and/or information

6.1 is not responsible for the content of linked external web sites. offers in particular no guarantee that this content is true, fulfills a particular purpose or can assist such a purpose.

6.2    If the user notices any use of that is contrary to law or contract (including the use of misleading details), this can be reported in writing.

7.    Customer service/support

The user can raise questions or seek clarification about their contract with or about’s services via the contact form accessible via or via fax or letter.

8.    Data protection is aware that it is extremely important to users that all personal data supplied to by its users are handled very sensitively. therefore follows all relevant legal requirements regarding data protection (German data protection laws, European data protection directives and all other relevant data protection law). Details about how user data are handled are contained in’s data protection clauses.

9.    Final provisions

9.1    The contract and any changes to it must be in written form. There are no ancillary agreements in place.

9.2 reserves the right to change the conditions of use at any time without giving any reasons. will inform users of changes to the conditions of use. After any change to the conditions of use of, registered users must confirm their acceptance before they can sign in.

9.3    Unless agreed otherwise, users can send all statements to via email through the contact form at They can also use fax or letter to contact can send statements to users via email or by fax or letter to the addresses that the user has given as current contact data in their user account.

9.4    If individual clauses of these user conditions do not apply now, or cease to apply in the future, this does not affect the applicability of the other clauses. The partners to the contract are required to replace an inapplicable clause with an applicable one that is as close as possible in its content to the economic meaning and purpose of the inapplicable clause. This also applies to gaps in the contract.

9.5    The place of execution is the headquarters of the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft in 70567 Stuttgart, Germany.

9.6    If the user is a registered trader or a juristic person under public law, 70567 Stuttgart, Germany will be the place of jurisdiction in the case of any dispute arising from or in connection with the agreed contract.

9.7    German law applies.

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