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The Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society) is a not-for-profit religious foundation. It is engaged in translation of the Scriptures, the development and dissemination of innovative Bible editions, and in giving all people access to the message of the Bible. It bears international responsibility for scholarly Bible editions in the original languages. Through its international programs, in collaboration with other members of the United Bible Societies, it supports translation and distribution of the Bible worldwide, so that everyone can read the Bible in their own language.

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The German Bible Society is renowned worldwide as the publisher of the critical editions of the Hebrew Old Testament (BHS & BHQ), the Greek-language New Testament editions Nestle-Aland and Greek New Testament, and the Septuagint and Vulgate. Publications from the German Bible Society are used throughout the world in exegetical training and theological practice. At the same time, it has also acquired renown as a publishing house for scholarly resources for biblical study in printed and electronic form.


You would like to use texts or illustrations from publications of the German Bible Society in your own publications (either print or digital)? We appreciate your interest! As our publications are protected by copyright you need a written permission from us to use them, except for some specific cases. 

The Bible is still the world’s best-selling book. No other work has been translated into so many different languages. As one of mankind’s most important cultural resources, it is a timeless bestseller and should be part on the shelves of any well-stocked bookshop. But there isn’t just one kind of Bible. Today, the Holy Scripture is available in many different editions and designs, ranging from brightly-coloured Children’s Bibles through leather-bound, gilt-edged scholarly original text editions all the way to audio and software products.

Whether printed or digital, traditional or modern—booksellers who want to provide sound advice to their customers need in-depth knowledge of the extensive range available. So our work goes far beyond simply receiving and despatching orders.

Interested in receiving more information about our publishing house, our range and our terms? Please call or send us a message. We will contact you immediately.


Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft
Balinger Straße 31 A
70567 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 7181 - 0
Fax: +49 711 7181 - 250

Executive Board
Dr. Christoph Rösel
General Secretary
Email: roesel@dbg.de

UBS Mission Resource Center for Scholarly Editions

The UBS Mission Resource Center for Scholarly Editions in Stuttgart will focus on the Development, Production and Distribution of Scholarly Editions which meet the highest standards of accuracy and professional integrity of original text editions and the needs of the United Bible Society's Translation Services and the broader international academic audience.

The purpose of the Mission Resource Center for Scholarly Editions is closely related to the Mission Statement of the Fellowship of the United Bible Societies, as it is expressed in the declarations of the UBS World Assemblies of Newport (2004) and Seoul (2010): “Translation remains at the heart of our task. Faithful translation of the original text, meeting the highest standards of accuracy and professional integrity, in words that speak to the hearts and minds of readers is a major pillar of our UBS mission.”