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Language: DE EN

The Bible is still the world’s best-selling book. No other work has been translated into so many different languages. As one of mankind’s most important cultural resources, it is a timeless bestseller and should be part on the shelves of any well-stocked bookshop. But there isn’t just one kind of Bible. Today, the Holy Scripture is available in many different editions and designs, ranging from brightly-coloured Children’s Bibles  through leather-bound, gilt-edged scholarly original text editions  all the way to audio and software products.

Whether printed or digital, traditional or modern—booksellers who want to provide sound advice to their customers need in-depth knowledge of the extensive range available. So our work goes far beyond simply receiving and despatching orders.

Interested in receiving more information about our publishing house, our range and our terms? Please call or send us a message. We will contact you immediately.

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