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Synopsis of the Psalms

Hebrew - Greek - German

Synopsis of the Psalms
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Synopsis of the Psalms

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Item number 5255
ISBN 978-3-438-05255-1
Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft
Cover: Paperback
Number of pages 224
Weight: 795 g


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The Psalter Synopsis displays the Masoretic Hebrew text (from BHS) of the psalms synoptically with its Greek Septuagint version (from the Septuagint edtion by A. Rahlfs) on facing pages together with the two most common German translations: the catholic Einheitsübersetzung and the protestant Revised Luther Bible. The same set of verses is displayed for all four texts, making it easy to compare them. Includes the textcritical notes from BHS as well as the references to biblical parallels from Luther Bible and Einheitsübersetzung.


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