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Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ)

6th delivery: Judges - Fascicle 7

Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ)
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Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ)

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Item number 5267
ISBN 978-3-438-05267-4
Author: Prepared by Natalio Fernández Marcos
Number of pages 240
Weight: 380 g


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It is in fact the pioneering, standard reference for biblical studies: The Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ) is the new, globally prevailing edition of the Hebrew Old Testament.

Brand new is now the "Judges" volume. Judges is the 7th part of the complete works. Just as all the other volumes this volume has been fundamentally revised by an international and interdenominational team of scholars.

For this new edition the textual basis is the oldest completely preserved script of the Hebrew Bible, the EBP I B 19a code from the Russian National Library of St. Petersburg, known as "Codex Leningradensis". What is different now is that this script is reproduced "diplomatically", that is, all its characteristics are displayed in this print as accurately as possible, even the ancient marginal notes of the small and large Masorah (Masorah parva and Masorah magna) are reproduced as well.

This editions‘critical apparatus has been completely restructured and the displayed material has increased significantly. For instance, the revealing variants form the Qumran texts are completely reproduced. For the first time, this edition now also contains an extensive comment section, facilitating scientific work. This comment section offers at first an introduction to each biblical book in which the respective relevant textual witnesses are characterized and their use in the critical apparatus is explained. What is particularly convenient is that its content also implies the translation of the large Masorah.

The Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ) is mainly suitable for:

  • Biblical scholars
  • Theology students
  • Ministers and priests
  • Hebraists
  • Classical scholars

The Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ) at a glance:

  • The new, prevailing edition of the der Biblia Hebraica
  • With extensive comment section
  • With Masorah magna (the ancient marginal notes referring to the particular writings of specific Hebrew words in the biblical text), which up to now was only available in a separate volume.

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Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ)

Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ)


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Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ)

Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ)


Prices incl. VAT. excl. shipping costs

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