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bibeldigital: Download Modul "Bibeles tulkojumi: Bibeles 1965."

bibeldigital: Download Modul "Bibeles tulkojumi: Bibeles 1965."
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bibeldigital: Download Modul "Bibeles tulkojumi: Bibeles 1965."

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ISBN 978-3-438-02753-5

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Features of this Download Module:

  • Complete Bible text of the Latvian Bible translation 1965, revised text
  • Pursuing cross references via mouse click
  • Searching the Bible text for words or combinations of words (with wildcards ? and *)
  • Copying Bible text into other applications
  • Software with English interface

Combine this download module with other bible digital products (e.g. the Greek New Testament or the Hebrew Old Testament) and build your personal Bible library on your PC.

You will receive the download link immediately once your order is completed. You may also download the file at a later time from your account on this website. The download module is a zip file that needs to be unzipped on your computer first.

In order to use this download module you need to install the search engine MFchi. A free version of this search engine is available from For more instructions on the setup process please see the Setup Guide that is available as a PDF file from the link below.


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