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Bibles for People with Visual Disability

As part of the United Bible Societies our vision is to provide the Bible for everyone in their language and medium of choice. Everyone should have access to an affordable edition of the Bible.
In order to include People with Visual Disabilities in our mandate, we need Bible Editions that meet their needs: Bibles in Braille, Bibles in Giant Print, Audio Bibles, and accessible Bible software. These different media measure up to the needs of People with Visual Disabilities.
Bible Societies around the world strive towards making Bible editions in different languages accessible for People with Visual Disabilities. 
We are happy to assist you in finding a Bible in your language and in the right media.

Programs for People with Visual Disabilities

Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft works on behalf of the United Bible Societies (UBS) as coordinator of the worldwide biblical scripture programs for People with Visual Disability. A small specialized team in Stuttgart provides help and advice for Bible Societies , who plan to do a program for People with Visual Disabilities. The team helps in every stage of the work: program Planning, Finding Funding, Production and Distribution. Furthermore the team answers individual requests for specialized Bibles for the need of People with Visuals Disabilities around the world. If you are looking for a German or foreign Bible for People with Visual Disabilities please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you and let you know of the right contact address to order the right Bible. On this site you will find Information on our German products for People with Visual Disabilities:

Bible in Braille
Bible in Giant Print
Audio Bible
Bible Software
Protestant Songbook

For further questions, requests or suggestions, please contact us:

Ingrid Felber-Bischof

PVD Ministry Coordinator (UBS)

Phone: +49 711 7181 - 263


Diana Steinmetz

Assistant, Programs for People with Visual Disability
Coordinator, Projects for Refugees

Phone: +49 711 7181 - 236


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